Cyber Security

In the current exponentially growing cyber world, data and information is any organisation’s greatest treasure that needs to be secured in deepest impenetrable walls. However, the pirates (hacker groups)are constantly on the job 24/7, more recently automating their attacks using bots, analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. The hacker injects can prove more like a cancer that is very hard to detect until it reaches a certain stage that the costs of removal and business risk is exorbitant.

To counter these attacks that may very well take forms to realise a specific goal, which is often results in ransom demands, using the breached data to business advantages, short term gains by attacks on bank accounts, or all the way to a large scale cyber warfare.

A wide scale destruction could bring about can have unprecedented economic impacts that can potentially challenge a nation’s or the world’s economy and life of humans to plummet south, giving rise to civic unrests. The potential damage beyond imagination. All it needs in a tiny pinhole entry point!

BlueOasys’s team of Cyber risk and security experts is well positioned to engage with your organisations from a holistic perspective by combining our overarching operational risk management services with IT risk and security.

Services we offer at a high level are:

  • Enterprise wide technology risk assessment and profiling
  • Managed services for IT risk and governance, dashboards and automated alerting
  • Establish security response process frameworks
  • Setup Proactive and reactive models to attacks, Incident management protocols
  • IT security compliance framework
  • Remediation tracking
  • Tool evaluations, implementation, and maintenance
  • User awareness trainings