Industry 4.0, The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The current times is unmistakably witnessing a quantum leap in technology innovation. Amidst the rapid pace of advancement, the implementation and realisation trails. The pandemic of COVID-19 has in many ways encouraged industry leaders to move faster towards unmanned systems and remote operations, putting worker safety on the top of the list in employee programs. With a large amount of staff working remotely, it has reset the way of working and collaborations to run businesses. A well-designed autonomous system will significantly help realise the benefits of conducting operations remotely, at the same time being most effective.

The top priorities of medium to large enterprises include cybersecurity, cloud, big data and analytics powered by AI, intelligent sensors and devices that communicate with each other and drive autonomous decisions. Close on heels is the advent of wireless technology and 5G, robotics and blockchain. Soon the arrive at mainstream are high-end vision systems, digital realities such as augmented, virtual and mixed realities, and significant use of drones for various purposes.

Advanced sensor technology and edge computing collect and transmit tremendous data volumes at ultra-high speeds. This colossal amount of data has to be analysed, and transformed to actionable items both for machines and humans to work in tandem, thereby realising higher efficiency levels. Identifying and analysing intrinsic patterns provide invaluable insights for the business to continuously enhance operational efficiency and also to provide an opportunity to gain foresight to mitigate impending risks.

BlueOasys can enable your organisation to appreciably uplift your operational efficiencies multi-fold, especially in the areas of logistics and supply chain optimisation, autonomous off-road vehicles, robotics, additive manufacturing, IOT and Cloud compute.