Risk Management

Prevention is better than cure. Resilience withholds sustenance and growth. It not only holds true for our individual health and safety, but equally so for the business we run. The fast-paced digital world and environmental changes is rapidly impacting the way businesses are run. The only way is the continuously transform. Accompanied with this are ever changing risk profiles. More often than not, our optimism, confidence weighed by collective intelligence and experience of our team, veils from objectively govern operational risks, resulting reactive actions rather than proactive, thereby incurring high cost for mismanaging risks by injecting scarcely available resources to fix in a timely manner.

The need to consciously manage your operational risks is inevitable and of prime importance, whilst preparing for the future challenges and business expansion. This should not be confused with statutory reporting and compliance, lest it leads to complacence in managing operational risks. The operational risks need to be addressed both from a strategic and tactical point of view, not only at the higher management levels, but more so at the operational level, enabling each and every staff member to be aware of risks that could impact the organisation not only at an individual level, but also in the impact on work outcomes by other individuals and departments.

BlueOasys brings a formal and structured operational risk management approach built on world standards, highly data and process driven format that will establish a robust framework consisting of risk policies, guidelines, process, recording, monitoring, reporting and insightful dashboards highlighting possibilities of risks. This ensures that organisations would be much more preventive than curative. Besides the guidelines set forth in the best practices in the ISO31000 BoK, practical on-the-ground experience enriches the approach and successful implementation of an enterprise risk management framework.

BlueOasys has partnered with CorProfit (www.corprofit.com) to offer end-to-end risk management consulting services. Our customers have benefited from the combined rich and global experience of our consultants and certified practitioners in today’s world of people and technology co-existence. Especially for managing the risks the technology implementation areas, we offer a proven methodology and a highly functional, yet easy to use toolkit (KnowRisk) for enterprises to realise the gains within a short period in time. Leverage an exhaustive and well-implemented knowledge base that sets in motion right from the early stages in the journey.